Artist Profile


Born 1971, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Artist Profile


Born 1971, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gabriel Sado

Fotography, Video and Edition.

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I am Gabriel Sado, I am a photographer, videographer and post-producer. About my career, at the beginning I had been working in Argentina as a 3D generalist in an animation department at a production company. At that time, I did 3D animations with an expensive computer: the SGI Indigo 2 by Silicon Graphics. In 1997, a Peruvian company hired me as a 3D senior Generalist, so I moved from Argentina to Peru and worked in that field for many years. The time past away and 3D animation here in Latin America become less demanding due to budget and shortage of time delivering, so I decided to change my career and started up a small business called: In that company I do all the stuff, from quote to customers to go and shooting aerial footage, editing, and delivering the final media piece.
Right now, the government of Peru ordered to stop non-essential activities, so I can’t go outside my house and I have to change my business model again.
Being an entrepreneur is difficult stuff, more in sub-developed countries like Peru, but I always try out new things.
Thank you for watching my website!
Best Regards.
Gabriel S.

Services :

Adobe Photoshop

Photo Retouching & color correction.

Adobe After Effect

Motion Graphics, video stabilize, Camera Tracking, Rotoscoping, 2d VFX


Bulk Photo Color correction & re-framing.

Adobe Premiere & Davinci Resolve

Video Edition & Color Correction

Maya & Softimage

3D Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, Ilumination & Render


Domain setup, webpage setup, website listing, Website e-commerce

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Video Edition

I offer a cutting edge, precise and creative edit made especially for you.
Whether it’s an ad, corporate video or a video clip, I will create a custom made video out of your footage that will fulfill your vision.
I believe that every project has different needs and that’s exactly why I like working together with my clients. Before I start working I try to understand their needs and reflect the end result as accurately as possible.

Color Correction & Grading

Instagram Promo videos for restaurant, gym, real state, you name it!

Real State video Edition.